Deadpool and Wolverine is due to hit theaters in the next 3 months. We seem to have plenty of footage and info to tell us how the plot should go from here on out. We will also be using rumors around the rumor mill, receipts from our X/ Twitter page and Reddit to determine the best plot possible. Below we have attached both trailers and will be taking out snippits to show where they land on the plot. 

Wade the Car Salesman

According to the 9 minute footage at Cinemacon that guests were treated with we see Wade as a car salesman. He is sitting in the back seat inbetween 2 children and their parents are test driving one of many vehicles. 

During this scene Wade swears alot and tells jokes about not having any kids of his own. ” Not that I didnt want to have kids. I just dont have alot of vaginal sex.” The appauled family ends up leaving and not purchasing a car. 

Flash forward to Wade and Peter in the locker room back at work. Peter sees Wade’s Deadpool suit and suggest going back to the super hero business. Wade tells Peter he is done with that part of his life. However, he does not like this new life either. He says he definently didn’t see it for himself. 

Surpise Party & a strange Visitor

“If this was five years ago, you’d all be dead,” he jokes. Wade makes small talk with all of them. Shatterstar is not entertained by Dopinder’s stories. Blind Al asks Wade about his sales and is getting impatient about waiting for money from him. “I pray every day that fire finds your body and finishes the job that God didn’t have the nuts to do,” she tells him.

Wade asks Colossus if he’s been binging anything and he says has been watching Great British Bakeoff. Negasonic and Yukio are still together. Blind Al wants to do cocaine and Wade says, “Cocaine is the one thing Feige said is off limits!”

He catches up with Vanessa, while they’re washing the dishes. Vanessa says that she got a promotion at work and when Wade asks if she’s seeing anyone, she reveals she is seeing a guy from work named Dermot. She then jokes that he hasn’t gotten her shot yet.

 “It’s been a challenging few year,” he says. “But I’m happy and that’s because of each and every one of you and this is about how proud I am, how grateful I am, to be standing in a room with every single person I love. I’m the luckiest man alive…” He makes a wish and blows out the candle. Someone knocks on the door. It’s the TVA.

Welcome to the T.V.A

“One of the TVA agents is the person who took a picture of Wade earlier when he and Peter were riding their bikes.

Wade thinks they’re strippers and that their pruning sticks are for pegging. He says “pegging isn’t new for me friendo, but it is for Disney”. A portal opens behind him and he is pulled through it. He wakes up to Agent Paradox sitting across from him.
[9:29 PM]
Paradox: I’m Agent Paradox and this is the Time Variance Authority. We’re in charge of defending what’s known as The Sacred Timeline.

Wade: That’s a shit ton of exposition for a threequel. Is this because I used Cable’s time device?

Paradox: No, we’re well aware of your abuse of the timeline, but this has nothing to do with that. We’ve been watching you for a while. How would you like to be part of a greater universe?

Multiple screens in the room turn on, showing some of the most iconic moments of the MCU.

Paradox tees up footage of Captain America on the screens and Wade salutes him. A clip of Thor hovering over Loki dying in Thor 2 sees Deadpool replacing Loki and Wade is terribly concerned and confused.

“Is that me?” he asks and Paradox says “Oh, that happens in the distant future”.

Paradox asks “Would you like to join a timeline that needs… avenging?”

Wade says “I suppose I’m going to marvel at how cinematic it is? Indiscriminate cameos? I smell what you’re stepping in sensei. I am a messiah. I am Marvel Jesus.” Then he runs to the camera, pulls the mic in to frame. Deadpool headbutts the lens and it shatters. “Suck it up Fox! I’m going to Disneyland!” he exclaims.

“Deadpool, gets a whole new suit and some extra booty spank in another room from a bearded TVA tailor.

He comes up out of the elevator with his new costume and starts listing its cool new features, including new adamantium katanas. Then Deadpool proceeds to say “The tailor is a predator by the way”.

Searching for the right Wolverine

Deadpool, once leaving the T.V.A on a mission to find the right Wolverine goes through several variants.  Daniel Radcliffe, who is portraying “Patch” an alias Wolverine took on in Madripoor where he went undercover. Based off recent rumors this is where he first comes into contact with Gambit played by Channing Tatum. Gambit is part of The Resistance that will be covered on later and we did a video on the recent rumor.

After his run-in with Patch, Deadpool goes through a couple more variants. Then stumbles apoun Hugh’s Wolverine in a bar. Wolverine seems pathetic and noone likes him by the bartender’s comments  “I told you your not welcome here… You’re not welcome anywhere”

This concludes our Part 1 of our Theory Deadpool Plot. Stay tuned for Part 2 shortly. Have a great day or night “LFG”

By Barreda

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