A NerdSaga Review

What is an imaginary friend? Usually a character or person that a child creates from their imagination that only they can see until eventually they grow up and forget about it. A new film that released last weekend begged the question, what if those imaginary friends weren't so imaginary? Written and Directed by John Krasinski (The Office, A Quiet Place), IF takes a well known children's concept and turns it into one of the most unique original blockbusters that has graced the silver screen in some time. Do not misinterpret the childish themes throughout the film, this flick is most definitely for all ages, young and old alike. 

It is a film that has fun and whimsical elements for kids but also a deeper message for adults that are packed into every scene. The message is that even as we get older, we never truly grow up. The film stars Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, Free Guy) and Cailey Fleming (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Peppermint) as two next door neighbors who find that they have the ability to see imaginary friends. It is such a unique concept and one that I don't believe has ever been done before, which is rare in cinema these days. It also co-stars office alumni Steve Carell as the voice of the titular IF named Blue. The chemistry between all the actors feels genuine and heartwarming from the beginning to the end. 

If you are not in the mood for an action packed movie about the rise of an ape kingdom or the fallout of an apocalyptic vehicular wasteland, I would highly recommend grabbing the entire family and going to see IF at the theaters. John Krasinski shows that he has the ability to create something as scary as blind monsters that hunt by sound and something as beautiful and inventive as an imaginary friend match matching service. He is one director who I hope keeps on creating films and continues to be inspired by all genres and themes, both known and unknown. 

In closing, this is one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time and I left the theater feeling inspired and overtaken by a wave of nostalgia. Regardless of how this does at the box office number wise, this movie truly hits all the heartstrings and all the right notes and needs to be judged by viewing and nothing else. It’s a movie that kids can enjoy with fun characters and goofy antics while adults truly get transported back to their own childhood for an hour and a half that seems like forever. I refuse to share any more details as this film needs to be experienced in a way that you truly don't know  what will happen next. This movie is a love letter to growing old and to always remember, you are never too old for an imaginary friend.


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