Since 2021, with the release of Spiderman: No Way Home, we began the introduction of the multiverse into mainstream media. The multiverse is introduced specifically by using previously created properties, Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman, and bringing them back to help service the plot. This was kind of new. Other multiverse concepts exist in different properties, such as Rick and Morty. But none that used existing properties. But with the upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine movie, whether it’s advertisements, leaks, or the trailer. They have shown possible new and returning characters from different properties. It spans from Fox characters to Disney MCU characters and new untouched characters.

But going into this movie, I can’t help but wonder how they will use these characters’ sets to appear. And I think they can look towards The Flash movie—the forbidden fruit of the comic book genre. Now you can look back at this movie, critique it, and bash it, which it does deserve some of. But I will use it as a tool to help the Deadpool and Wolverine movie.

The Flash movie dealt with time travel and different versions of characters appearing in this new timeline. Now, through this movie, many different versions of characters appear, whether a short cameo or a character for the story, with characters ranging from Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Supergirl, and many others. The movie pulled all of the punches with cameos and easter eggs. Some appearances of these characters do work. Some issues were brought up with specific versions of characters popping, whether getting a glimpse of a previous actor, such as Adam West as Batman or Christopher Reeves as Superman. To Easter egg references, such as some random guy who looks like Teddy Sears, and have him play a Jay Garrick that looks like he is from The Flash TV show to a Nicholas Cage Superman, that never happened. While these appearances resonated with some people, others had issues with them, as CGI or possibly AI was used to create these characters. They also didn’t add to the movie’s plot and felt like a cash grab. That is not to say they could never touch those characters or actors. If you are going to use them, it should be done in a more respectful way that impacts the plot. 

Cameos and Easter eggs have been a staple of the movie-going experience. Whether they are superhero movies or not, they need to be treated right when they are used. With The Flash movie, there is one scene where we get six cameos in one minute. That pulls viewers out of the movie. Wondering, “Why did they do that. Did we need to see that?” as it doesn’t thoroughly add to the story. This happens throughout the movie, with numerous characters appearing for a limited time.

Now Deadpool and Wolverine can use The Flash movie to tread the line of helpful character cameo and jangling keys easter egg. If you want to bring back a character to appear, whether it’s a beloved character or actor, it should have the intention that it was added to the movie to help serve the story. Marketing a cameo appearance of a character to drive people into the theatres is not a successful business model for a movie or TV show. It would be best if you put the movie first over the fun little references you make in the movie to other properties that have appeared before it. Now. I have total faith in Shawn Levy, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackson. I don’t see any of them willing to shell out this movie for a cameo fest of a movie. With the large scale this movie appears to be covering, I hope all the characters that appear get the love and attention they all deserve. 

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